Become An Empowering Hope Music Producer

Music is one of the most important pieces to the videos we create. Music can make or break the video sometimes. Rather than buy royalty free music, we want to promote you and the gifts God has given you. We can’t guarantee that we’ll always use your work, but we can tell you what we need music for, the genre we’re looking for, and if we like it, we’ll use it. BUT, whether we use it or not, as long as you submit work, you’ll become an Empowering Hope Team Member because it’s likely that we’ll use your work at some point. Here’s how it works:


Check out what we need & fill out the form.


We’ll email you what we’re looking for.


If we like what we hear, we’ll use it and credit you.

This comes with a special shout out on social media. If we’re looking for something else, we’ll let you know.

Whether we use your work or not, you’re a part of the Empowering Hope team! 😀

Music Work Needed

-Music for the Guatemala & Honduras Trip. (Filming 10 Video Updates,  Promo Videos for 8+ missionaries, and 1 Documentary)

-Future Promo Video music.


Look No Further. Get Started Today!


Music Producer Form

  • If you already have a portfolio of some of your work, you can submit it below or you can give us a link to it.