We have some troubling news from Thailand. Have you ever had to go through a major transition like moving or starting at a new school? It’s not easy to do those things but it’s even harder when you’re living overseas and living overseas as a missionary. If you haven’t done so yet, please watch Pierce’s story about what happened to their little boy, Elliot. When you go through tough seasons sometimes the only solution is to take a break and rejuvenate, and that’s what the Davis family needs your help with. 

Justin met Pierce back in 2011 through a mutual friend and actually came to speak at the Youth Group Justin was serving in Pittsburgh back in 2013. Pierce, his wife Meghan, and their two boys (Elliot and Summit) now serve the people of Thailand as missionaries. However, as you can see from the video, there was a very scary moment with their son’s teacher. Going through challenging moments like that requires time to get away for prayer, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Thankfully, their people are already helping to cover half the cost to come home, but could really use our support to help with the rest.

If you feel led to give you can go to their site PierceAndMeghan.com

Troubling News From Thailand

Posted by Justin Boothby

Posted by Justin Boothby


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